Ghosts of the American Road

Debut CD released!

IMG_3004 (1)The songs…came to life from beneath the hum of the road beneath us; the captivating scenery, weathered and worn old barns, vacant windows in decaying mills, the beauty of a barren wasteland and the soliloquy of the Great Lakes. To the mountains, to the prairies to the oceans white with foam. It is all there…the struggle, the achievement, the setback…always the journey, always the love, always the faith by which we endure. Through it all, we are not alone. There are millions of stories, yet only a drop in the bucket have we encountered. With each new house concert, in each new town, we find ourselves, again and again, becoming spiritually connected, transcending ideals and rhetoric; finding harmony in our surroundings.┬áThis is “American Music” where all styles of music come together at a distinctly original musical crossroads.

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Available for:  House Concerts, Workshops, Festivals, Club Dates, Private Parties, Community Events


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